Greg S

5 days ago

Shipped my luggage here for a lock and pull broken and one day repaired. Rimowa luggage isn't cheap so definitely worth fixing. This business is definitely great to deal with in a 3 day turnaround.


John C

a week ago

The luggage repair experts! Managed to save a damaged aluminium bag for me, totally professional from start to finish and great communicate. Also the only FPM authorized repair center in North America. Would use them again.



a month ago

Amazing service!!!! Brought my mom’s Paris design bag to fix zipper. Zipper was fixed very promptly, same day , as my mom was traveling the next day. In addition, they fixed a small rip on the sim without even telling me, very humble. Not charging me extra for the sim or same day service.

Thank you!!!!


Debra D

2 months ago

For any of u that might have a need - I found this place (the ONLY place that came up un a search of NJ/Philly) that offered to repair hardside luggage/instrument cases. Very happy after I had used my particular luggage only once and the airport destroyed the latch. They mentioned they have a process to fix hardside case cracks too. Great price and service!



2 months ago

I recently had a bad baggage handling experience when United Airlines broke off one wheel of my new suitcase. I chose to accept a repair from United, which concerned me, but I could not be happier with the result. It turns out the repair place, Square Luggage, is a factory authorized repair center for MANY brands. The new wheel looks exactly like the old one and I cannot tell which one was fixed. Thanks for the speedy and excellent service!


Lori N

3 months ago

They were awesome. I got an invoice stating my bag was irreparable & then I was reimbursed by my insurance company for the cost of my luggage that was damaged at the airport.


"Had a great experience having handles replaced on a Brics tote bag. Sent the bag to Square & communicated via email. Service was extremely prompt & efficient. The new handles are better than the originals & they were able to accommodate my request to make them a bit longer, enabling me to use it as a shoulder tote. Highly recommend! "
–Google, G Rubin (a month ago)

"I just had an incredibly positive experience with Square Luggage so I felt compelled to share. I purchased two pieces of Hartmann rolling luggage from Bloomingdale's years ago. Although my luggage is no longer under warranty, the Bloomingdale's luggage department representative did provide me with the contact information for Square Luggage. As I live in VA I was not able to drop off the two pieces for wheel repairs and the cost of shipping the two rather large pieces would have been exorbitant. I spoke with Al and he recommended that I remove the four wheel assemblies myself and ship them to NJ for repair. Al provided easy to follow instructions on how to remove the wheel assemblies, basically three screws in each assembly. After shipping the four assemblies to Al for repair they were returned to me within just a few days good as new. Great service! Great communication! Great value! Highly recommended."
–Google, Scott T. (3 months ago)


"Had velcro replaced and some stitching repaired. Very fast and friendly service!"
–Google, Jesse Palmieri (a month ago)

"Best company ever!! Just got back my 10+ year old bag from warranty repair in NJ within a week of sending it in. I don’t know of any other company that would repair a bag this age at no cost to me. One of the wheels had finally just given up, lol and fell apart while on a trip. I filled out the warranty form found on your website, sent the bag into the NJ location, asked that both wheels be replaced as the other was probably due to fall apart as well. Got the bag back today, both wheels replaced and I’m ready for another 10+ years, hopefully, of using this bag. Thank you and the team at SQUARE LUGGAGE"

–Google, Patricia (10/12/21)


"When the main zipper broke on my Samsonite under-seater - that has been for me a perfect piece of carry on luggage - I tried to find a Samsonite store that would accept it for shipping and repair. Not so easy with some of the stores temporarily or permanently closed these days. Online, I discovered that Square Luggage was one of the actual locations that Samsonite sends damaged luggage to for those repairs. A 40 min drive. And what luck today! I finally got around to dropping it off, and as I was on my way home Mark called to advise they were able to repair quickly. Like new. One happy Jersey (City) girl. Thank you! "
–Yelp, Laura F. (12/29/2020)


"I had a great experience using Square Luggage to repair my Rimowa Topas aluminum luggage. My bag was in rough shape when it went in but when I picked it up it looked amazing! As you can see in the before and after photos, great care was taken when repairing my bag. Even some of the dents were pushed out! The price was very fair for the work that was done (wheel assembly repair, two new locks, frame misalignment) and I am very impressed with the work and attention to detail. Albert has been so helpful and upfront about everything relating to the repairs. I highly recommend going here to get your Rimowa or any other luggage repaired!"
–Google, Alexander N (October 2020)




"Mailed an American Tourister backpack to SqL from Maryland for a new zipper. My husband is hard on bags, and he loved this one. He didn't complain about the bag being damaged, but I wanted to try to fix it since the bag was otherwise still very usable. American Tourister notified me that the bag was probably out of warranty, so I could send it to an authorized repair center, but I may be charged. I mailed the bag to SqL. SqL promptly notified me that the bag was received and very soon notified me that the bag repair was complete and being mailed back to me. I never spoke to anyone about the repair, but I was informed all along the way. My husband was pleasantly surprised....and he is a native of New Jersey. Thank you. You have a new customer."
–Facebook, Tiffany Tuff Tiff Smith recommends Square Luggage (July 23 at 10:15 AM)


"Quick warranty repair and very friendly.!"
– Stephen Kaplan (2 months ago)


"High quality, honest, service. I had to get a repair for Rimowa-brand luggage that an airline damaged. Square did excellent repair work and voluntarily and thoughtfully provided two copies of an invoice so I could send one to the airline. "
–Google, Rachael Irwin (a month ago)


"Hi Albert, I can't thank you enough for sending me the wheel. It is a perfect fit. I had been trying for 9 months to get this part from Samsonite. After many e-mails, phone calls, and multiple excuses from Samsonite, I was about to give up. You did for me in a day what Samsonite couldn't do for me after 9 months.

These days, where almost everyone is looking to make a quick buck, it was a breath of fresh air that you took the time to find the wheel for me. I greatly appreciate your help."

–All the best. Regards, Joe D.


"My suitcase that stands out on the luggage carousel! Thanks, Square Luggage, for fixing the front zipper! "
–Alison D. (October 4, 2019)

"I was in earlier today for a simple bag to bring on a plane, just to carry glasses, headphones, etc... I got the exact bag I needed, and the person who helped me was on point for what I needed. Thank you !!!"
– Chad Farer recommends Square Luggage. (September 24, 2019)

"Had a repair to be completed after the airline damaged my bag. I received it back in about a week, like new! Excellent service!"
–Yelp.com , Christina S. (8/18/2019)


"I've had all my Rimowa's repaired by them in the last 5 years, and each time, the fast service and costs have been unbeatable!"
– Five-Star Yelp.com Rating, Alex E. (10/19/2017)

"Rimowa bag handle broke and zipper too. Was directed by manufacturer to this location. The staff is knowledgeable and extremely friendly. It took them a second to identify the bag was covered under warranty, and cheerfully wrote up my ticket. I received a call the very next day the work was complete. I discovered they have a big selection of the same bag and more. Highly recommend calling to see if they can be helpful."
– Five-Star Yelp.com Rating, M A. (10/10/2017)

"Should get 10 stars. A wheel came off my luggage. I took one to them to buy another one. My luggage is about 40 years old. They went into the shop & brought out a box of old wheels that were spare parts. Found one that would fit (which was the last one left), and they GAVE it to me for "FREE" !!!!!! Beyond Awesome !!!!!!!!"
– Five-Star Yelp.com Rating (8/8/2017)


"It was a real pleasure to worth with Steve at Square Luggage. He was helpful in discussing my damaged luggage on the phone, and they did a GREAT job on the repair! The material on our rolling duffel bag ripped to what we thought was beyond repair. But it came back looking great. We can't even see where they did the work. Thanks, Steve & Co. You saved our bag!"
– Five-Star Yelp.com Rating, Lauren G. (03/23/2017)


"Quality people and great work ethic. I brought them a Samsonite piece of luggage with a broken zipper. They promised it in two weeks, and it was delivered to my door (in PA) the very next day!! Great selection in the store. This is a hidden gem in Morristown. I recommend you go check it out if you need anything luggage/bag related or if you need something fixed."
– Five-Star Yelp.com Rating (11/14/2016)

"SQUARE LUGGAGE really provides customer service that is second to none. Not only do they back up their own products 100%, repairing items for free and even replacing for free a piece of luggage that was damaged by an airline, but they even have repaired for free these expensive Rimowa suitcases that I purchased elsewhere (I was honest that I'd bought one overseas). I would not buy luggage from anywhere else now. It is rare to find this level of customer service anywhere these days!!!"
– Five-Star Yelp.com Rating (10/6/2016)

"Great experience. Albert was more than willing to help even though I didn't buy the bag from him. I would highly recommend using SQUARE LUGGAGE."
– Five-Star Yelp.com Rating (7/26/2016)