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Lincoln E-Z Cleaner, 8 FL OZ.

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Lincoln E-Z Cleaner is the Original E-Z Cleaner. It is ideal as an "all purpose," non-solvent cleaner for suede, leather, fabric, and like materials. Lincoln E-Z Cleaner is strong enough to remove grease marks from suede, and salt stains from leather. Use it like a suede shampoo. Make a foam using a sponge to easily remove dirt from shoes and other leather articles. 8 FL OZ.

  • Can be used on both smooth leathers and suede/nubuck
  • Remove dirt, smudges, and water spots from suede and nubuck shoes
  • Wipe smooth leather shoes down before applying Lincoln Stain Wax
  • Milder scent than harsh spray treatments
  • Try it on leather jacket collars and gloves!