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Osgoode Marley

Osgoode Marley All Natural Leather Conditioner 3oz/8oz

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The product us made with three simple, all-natural ingredients: seed oils, beeswax and tallow. While other brands use silicone or water-based formulations, our leather care ingredients have been used for centuries in different ways, from tanning to conditioning leather, for optimal care and preservation.

  • Designed to restore, waterproof and protect. May darken leather.
  • Application: Clean dirt, build-up and other surface contaminants. Apply small amount onto lint-free cloth, rub in circular motions until fully coated. Dry leather for 1 hour, apply more coats if needed. Let cure for 24 hours.
  • Ingredients: All-natural ingredients including triple filtered beeswax, unique blend of seed oils and naturally occurring lipids.
  • Clean ingredients for safe use around children and pets.